The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty

Every first Sunday of the month | 04:30pm – 06:30pm

Professional Gathering is a flagship proramme brought into existence by Rev. Dr. Huruma Nkone since 2009 with the determination of transforming minds of people through motivation, experience sharing and exposing them to various existing opportunities within and outside the Nation. The main aim to make people take an active role in exploiting and developing the opportunities for the benefits of the person, the church and the Nation of Tanzania at large.
Professional Gathering is attended by people from different backgrounds, and many lives have been transformed though attending this program.

How is it conducted?
Professional gathering is conducted through a participatory approach where by, a person with an extensive experience in subject matter would be invited to present on a proposed topic and thereafter, questions and answer sessions will be entertained.

When does it happen?
Professional Gathering takes place every Sunday of the first week of the month, from 1630 to 1830hrs.

Where does it happen?
The Professional Gathering takes place at Victory Christian Centre Tabernacle (VCCT).

Who is it designed for?
Everybody irrespective of their social, political and economic background and status is invited to attend to this great gathering as it takes place.