Campus Connect

Campus Connect

Connecting students to God, church and to one another

The heart of our church is dealing with Youth and students, we believe that The life of faith and spirituality goes beyond the doors of our church, This ministry acts as a bridge between the church and students from different colleges and universities .Our church strive to support students with Gospel-centered, Bible-based experiences that transform students into devoted followers of Jesus Christ. With its abiding commitment to inter-denomination university fellowships collaboration, Campus Ministry equips students to lead lives of deeper meaning, belonging and purpose through the following Programs

Students overnight

Is a student’s event conducted by campus ministry, as a means of combining students from all campuses within the city. The overnight have different performance from different singers, dancers also talks and QnA session.

Students day

This is a great program which goes with a theme of “Get Full Charged “  It occur at the beginning of each semester where Students participate in both Sunday services through ushering, singing, moderating, and preaching also Senior pastor pray  to consecrate and commit students to the hands of God for the semester.

Campus visitation

Due to the love of the church to students we often visit different campus fellowship in different campuses and participate in their services. We have been working with fellowships like CASFETA, TAFES and TAYOMI. Also sometimes we are invited by the fellowship to go and visit.

Campus tour

A min event that combines students from universities which are almost near to each other, Campus tour is normally done twice per semester, it is vital in bringing students to JESUS.

Students outings

Students from different collages have a need to have time of being together and get to know each other. Student outing focus on providing a conducive environment for student to socialize out from school and church environment. It is also used as a tool to bring students to Christ.


In dealing with transport issue to students so that it can be easy for them to attend our services and other church events, the church provides transport to almost every campus in the city. Shuttles are provided to and from the Services.

Our Services

Our Services


0700hrs - 0930hrs - First Service (English)

0930hrs - 1030hrs - Discipleship / New Converts / New Members Classes and Networking

1030hrs - 1300hrs - Second Service (Swahili)

0945hrs - 1145hrs - * Special teenagers service takes place concurrently in the teenagers' church


1730hrs - 1930hrs - Youth Service


1700hrs - 1900hrs - Women's Service

1730hrs - 1930hrs - Men's Fellowship*

*takes place only on the first and third Wednesday of the month


1700hrs - 1900hrs - Whole Church Prayers

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