The Bridge Youth Ministry

The Bridge Youth Ministry

Bringing together youth from different professions, backgrounds and experiences

More than 80% of our church members are youth, as a vision bearer and founder senior pastor founded a special program for youth which inspire young people to experience God’s presence in their life and live their full potential. The church aims at enhancing and guiding Youth into spiritual, economic and social development knowledge through seminars and Training. This program of enriched study and life application, encourages Youth to stretch beyond their borders and move into their purpose and the spiritual fulfillment of who they were created to be.

Regular services

Youth always meet every Tuesday from 05:30pm to 07:30pm

Cup of love

In this day youth invites other youth who are not church members as the means of fellowship and networking, later they eat and drink together

Weekly prayer programs

Prayers are very important to youth in their lives as they walk with Christ, Every second week of a month is a week for all youth to pray for different needs.

Prayer retreat

This happens once per year, Youth fast and pray for three days seeking God without eating or drinking, the previous retreat was very successfully more than a hundred youth attended.

Youth day

The Leadership of the church has set a special day in every October for youth to minister to the church, Youth are given an opportunity to use their gifts and talents to serve the church.

Evangelism programs

In accomplishing the vision of the church the bridge has been doing evangelism programs to bring souls to Christ by partnering with other ministries like life centre.

Pastor’s series

These are special visitation by a senior pastor where he teach,  coach and answer different questions from youth related to different areas like, dreams, carrier, ministry and relationship. Some themes of the previous series are Dream to Destiny season one and two.


Sports plays a vital role in the lives of youth,  by knowing this the youth leadership have scheduled sports sessions for youth to play different sports with other youth who are not born again. Different sports like Soccer, Netball and Volleyball are used as tools to win youth to Christ through Sports and games.

Our Services

Our Services


0700hrs - 0930hrs - First Service (English)

0930hrs - 1030hrs - Discipleship / New Converts / New Members Classes and Networking

1030hrs - 1300hrs - Second Service (Swahili)

0945hrs - 1145hrs - * Special teenagers service takes place concurrently in the teenagers' church


1730hrs - 1930hrs - Youth Service


1700hrs - 1900hrs - Women's Service

1730hrs - 1930hrs - Men's Fellowship*

*takes place only on the first and third Wednesday of the month


1700hrs - 1900hrs - Whole Church Prayers

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