Victory Bible School (VBS) it’s a school for students and leadership, established since the year 2004 under the Victory Christian Center Tabernacle (VCCT)- TAG. The founder of this School is the senior Pastor, Rev Dr. Huruma Nkone.

As for now the graduates only receive certificate level, but in the future we plan to produce graduates of advanced levels such as, degree etc. Every born again believer (members and non-members of VCCT), is illegible to join this school. The course takes place in Ten Months (February to November).

The request forms for joining the school are available at the Administration desk every Sunday and the office during other weekdays.

Our fee structure is as follows:


TZS 150,000/= (For VCC members)
TZS 175,000/= (For non-VCC members)

Advanced Certificate

210,000 (supposed to have certificate from VBS)

We meet every Saturday from 0930 to 1230 hrs at our church premises – Kilimani Close street opposite Mbezi Bridge., Mbezi Beach A, Mwai Kibaki Road