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“So the wall was completed on twenty fifth of elue in fifty two days.”

Note: Nehemiah didn’t quit! He kept on until he finished.

There were been major opposition to the rebuilding of the wall.Sanballat, Tobiah, and Gresham tried all different kind of things.Division, discouragement and discord. They tried derision dread. Now they are getting desperate. The wall is almost finished. The only thing left to be done as we start chapter 6 is to hang the doors.

Read V 1-2

If you want to be an achiever you need three things.

At first they tried to sidetrack Nehemiah by saying let’s have peace.

They tried to get through to Nehemiah by discord, discouragement, defeat, decision, destruction, defamation then through danger. Because Nehemiah refused to quit, the wall was build in 52 days. “That is amazing.”

The quickest way to stop a movement is to knock off the leaders.

Jesus said, “If you remove the Shepherd, the sheep seaters.”

Let’s get together and discuss: But Nehemiah said,

I’m carrying on a great project and I can’t go down. “Why should I stop the work on the wall and go down to you?”He is saying, “I’m not coming down. He would not be distracted until the wall was finished.”

The time for discussion is past. It is time to work. Have you known people that want to talk more than they want to work? They discuss to stop you from working? Many churches never accomplish anything because everything they do they assign to a committee and then they table it. More than this they were endangering his life (Assassinating or kidnapping.)He saw harmful intent behind their request.

LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLE: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. He kept his eyes on his goal

V5-9. They tried to slander him, discredit him (Kuniharibia jina, kumchafua, kumuondolea heshima.)

The fact is that the moment you say, “Let’s do something,” Someone will jump up and say, “Let’s don’t.”

When God’s people rise and say, “Let’s build,” Satan says, “Let’s arise and oppose.”

People are naturally resistant to change. People resist changes for variety of reasons. Leaders’ figures out what those reasons are and deal with them.

Nehemiah 2:10, Names two leaders of opposition. You will find these people all through the book of Nehemiah.Sanballat was the governor of Samaria. Tobias was a leader of Ammonites. Nehemiah has not even arrived in Jerusalem yet and there’s already opposition.

How did Nehemiah know that they were going to oppose him? He must have sent scouts on ahead in advance to find out who was going to oppose him. 1 cor.16:8-9 “

Opportunities” and “opponents”


If you are going to help change people or change the situation, expect opposition. Anybody that sets goals is going to be criticized and standard by people who set no goals. Failures hate success. Nehemiah discerns their motive.v.9. I know what you guys are doing, you are trying to make me upset so I will stop working and start defending myself.


If you want to be a leader, achiever, keep working in spite of danger.

First they tried to side track him (come have a conference), then they tried to slander him (what you are doing is just for your own benefit). Then they tried to scare him. V 10-14 (Specifically V 11)
V11 “Should a man like me run away?”(It would make him like a coward) this could kill the morale of people.
“I realized that God had not sent him” (Nehemiah was perceptive person).

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