Women of Grace Ministry is a women’s ministry at Victory Christian center that holds its sessions on Wednesday evenings from 5pm. Its origin is the TAG women’s ministry known as WWK (Wanawake watumishi wa Kristo). The name Women of Grace Ministry was founded in 2013.

WoGM’s objective is to give women a platform to worship God, grow in the knowledge of God and serve Him within the ministry, in the church, in their families and beyond. The ministry’s heart is for women to find their value in Christ and their place in the functioning of Christ’s body as they steward their own homes.

WoGM also functions as a family where each woman is valued, nutured and supported in her life’s endeavours. We take to heart the command and prayer of Christ to be one, John 17:20-21.

Women’s day

Women’s are gifted with different gift, this special day that occur annually once in every February the church is blessed by women’s and young ladies, Where they minister in different ministries like singing, preaching, ushering, moderating and intercession.

Weekly Prayer Programs

The bible acknowledges women’s as intercessors, in every third week of a month women of grace have a chain prayer to intercede for different needs and on Friday they meet for evening prayer session from 5:30pm to 9:30pm.

Cup of love services

The purpose of this program is to unite women’s, during the program they fellowship and eat together.

Ladies prayer weekend

Due to the fact that women are the vital pillar in building the church since the ministry of Jesus and other apostles, women’s meet once per year to intercede for their families, the church and the nation.

Ladies Night

A special night for all women where women gather together and use their different God given gifts and talents and have a joint fellowship of prayers, singing praises to the Almighty God, breaking the bread together and share moments of entertainment

Nyama Choma Program

As one of the method of evangelism this program is special to express the love of Christ to other women’s who are not worshiping in our church to join together with other VCCT women’s in sports, testimonies, eating and having fun.