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Victory Bible School

Victory bible school under the senior pastor as the principle is dedicated in creating and mentoring Ministers who are full of sound doctrine and whom are devoted to the spreading of Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Salvation. Also VBS aims at producing home grown leaders who will serve in different ministries in the church. It is a one year program with graduation at the end of the Year. Classes are conducted every Saturday’s, other programs provided by VBS includes Practical Training and Evangelism.

Our Services

Our Services


0700hrs - 0900hrs - First Service

0915hrs - 1045hrs - Second Service*

*Special teenagers service takes place concurrently in the teenagers' church

1100hrs - 1300hrs - Third Service


1730hrs - 1930hrs - Youth Service


1700hrs - 1900hrs - Women's Service

1730hrs - 1930hrs - Men's Fellowship*

*takes place only on the first and third Wednesday of the month


1700hrs - 1900hrs - Whole Church Prayers

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