The Chosen Generation

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The Chosen Generation

Crafting majestic young generation to gain knowledge, connect with God and build up their talents

Since teenagers are considered to be a transition group from childhood to adulthood, they have special needs which even the way to address them have to be special. This is why the Chosen Generation is a ministry which specifically deals with teenagers. We help teenagers to develop their unique personality with gifts and abilities both natural and spiritual. There are so many different ways of which teenagers get involved, such as

Regular Services

The Chosen Generation Sunday services are conducted from 09:00am to 11:00am

His Flock

This is a team of young singers and musicians which not only nourishes talents in the music arena but also mainly aims at cultivating a spirit of worship in teens. This team meets on Saturday from 9am to 12noon for practice.

The Chosen Generation Day

A special day where teenagers serve church in different Programs like preaching, singing, moderating and ushering.

Our Services

Our Services


0700hrs - 0930hrs - First Service (English)

0930hrs - 1030hrs - Discipleship / New Converts / New Members Classes and Networking

1030hrs - 1300hrs - Second Service (Swahili)

0945hrs - 1145hrs - * Special teenagers service takes place concurrently in the teenagers' church


1730hrs - 1930hrs - Youth Service


1700hrs - 1900hrs - Women's Service

1730hrs - 1930hrs - Men's Fellowship*

*takes place only on the first and third Wednesday of the month


1700hrs - 1900hrs - Whole Church Prayers

Events / Calendar