The Bridge Youth Ministry is a place where youth have an encounter with God and their fellows on a weekly basis, aiming to create a bridge for each and every youth to grow spiritually and personally.

Under the magnificent leadership of the youth Pastor, Pastor Samwel Kamigwa, The Bridge Youth Ministry conducts series of programs and activities at Victory Christian Center Tabernacle to give young people a chance in developing their faith and spiritually, embrace their gifts and discover new friendships.

Regular Programs

Youth always meet every Tuesday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, and on every second Friday of the week from from 6:00pm to 8:00pm for prayers

Teachings and Preaching

Teachings and preachings focus mostly on giving a hand and a way to them to remain stable and firm in the Faith and also to achieve a goal for successful living.

Praise and Worship sessions

Led by a special youth praise and worship team, The Hope of Glory

Cup of Love

In this day youth invites other youth who are not church members as the means of fellowship and networking, later they eat and drink together

Prayer programs

Prayers are very important to youth in their lives as they walk with Christ, Every second week of a month is a week for all youth to pray for different needs.

Prayer retreat

This happens once per year, Youth fast and pray for three days seeking God without eating or drinking, the previous retreat was very successfully more than a hundred youth attended.

Youth Day

The Leadership of the church has set a special day in every october for youth to minister to the church, Youth are given an opportunity to use their gifts and talents to serve the church.

Evangelism programs

Going to the community, The Bridge Youth Ministry has programs of door to door and man to man evangelism in collaboration with Life Centers, applying Christianity and reaching out to the many while planting the seed of the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their life.

Pastors Series

These are special visitation by a senior pastor where he teach, coach and answer different questions from youth related to different areas like, dreams, carrier, ministry and relationship. Some themes of the previous series are Dream to Destiny season one and two.


Sports plays a vital role in the lives of youth, by knowing this the youth leadership have scheduled sports sessions for youth to play different sports with other youth who are not born again. Different sports like Soccer, Netball and Volleyball are used as tools to win youth to Christ through Sports and games.