Family ministry starts with its biblical assumptions that God have called parents to serve as primary discipline makers in their children’s lives, We believe that no domain has more influence on all other areas of life than the family. We are dedicated to strengthening relationships and empowering family member. This ministry deals with organizing different programs that focus on family issues and all these Programs impacts family growth and development with the aim to disciple families with biblical principles for life and relationships that they may be both transformed and become agents of transformation expanding God’s kingdom and bringing His blessings to the nations.

Premarital classes

Premarital class is a special program to teach engaged couples what the bible says about marriage and to help give them practical tools to build a solid foundation for a Christ centered marriage. The classes are led by qualified and invested leaders.

Marriage school

This program exists to help couples before and during marriage to obtain the necessary tools to have a God centered life long relationship.Marriage school happens in all Saturdays of July. During the sessions couples are provided with information’s on what marriage is all about and other useful skills.

Couples bouquet

This is a program that happens in every last Friday of marriage month where couples have a time of being together with other invited couples who are not member of our church. In this day certificates are awarded to those who attended marriage school.

Family services

This is a special service that brings families together; the focus of this service. In the service families sit with their young children this enable them to experience the large congregation setting that they would some days engage in. Also all activities of this day focus on family and at the end of the service we eat and drink together.

Departmental family program

During family month family ministry member pay a visit to different ministries like Women of Grace, The Bridge, The chosen Generation and Men of Victory Ministries also the focus of these visitation is based on family issues.