What is a life centre?

Life centers are small groups of families that meet regularly during the week. Located in 39 areas in the region of Dar es salaam, Life centers are designed to assist church members to build communities and grow in their faith. We also call them home cells, for it’s a place where families become one family, gathering in a house of one of us and we sing together, worship together, pray together and share the word of God together in one accord. It’s also a place where we get a platform to practice and sharpen our ministries like preaching and teaching.

As part of one family, we also get a chance to eat, drink and celebrate anniversaries together in love. We Build friendships, connections, encourage and support each other. It’s a place each person desires to be part of when worshipping at Victory Christian Centre Tabernacle(VCCT).

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Why join a life centre?

Life centres give you the opportunity to spend time growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ alongside other Christ followers. This is something we value deeply at Victory Christian Centre, and while it isn’t the only way to get plugged in, it certainly is a great way to do so. Life Centres are a place where lives are shared and biblical truth is unpacked at a deeper level and in a smaller community than what you would experience on a Sunday.

Where do life centres meet?

Life centres meet in homes throughout the course of the week. We have found that when people open up their home, it offers people an opportunity to get to know others in a safe environment. Over time, as trust is gained with relationships, people open up about what is going on personally and spiritually in their lives, and the home of a host has seemed to work incredibly well in providing people with a great place to do that.

What is covered in life centres?

Life centres use a special series of teachings and curriculum developed by the church which covers the entire Bible teachings through a continued span of seven years of continuous learning and studying of the Bible together